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for Maltego, Social Links, OSINT, Internet Investigations

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In this session, you learn to understand and use Maltego for investigative researches.
Get an overview of more than 900 Social Links transforms and how to use their potential.
Learn more about the tool that gathers and processes your visited websites in a revolutionary way.
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OSINT Basics
A course that teaches you how to prepare and set up professional OSINT researches.

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Lernen Sie, Maltego als investigatives Online-Recherche-Tool zu verstehen und zu nutzen.
OSINT Basistraining
Der Basiskurs rund um Vorbereitung und Einstieg in professionelle OSINT-Recherchen.

OSINT & Internet Investigations: Online Video Courses

Professional introductory and expert training courses on all aspects of the advanced Internet investigations.

Our courses offer you the knowledge you need to become an advanced Internet investigator, OSINT analyst, or just a great researcher.

Maltego is a professional investigative & OSINT tool that allows you to discover and visualize relationships between entities. In addition to real-time data mining and detailed information gathering, Maltego enables the collection and processing of data from many sources. The results are displayed in a graph so that patterns and connections between persons, organizations, or networks can be easily identified.

The courses on this site teach you the professional knowledge you need to become a Maltego power user.

We also offer the course “Social Links Academy”. This training course is about the most powerful addons (transforms)= for Maltego. It will help you to become a Social Links Pro!

Currently, we are recording the exclusive online training for Vortimo, which will be available in April 2021. The next training videos will cover workflows for basics OSINT investigations (German and English Language). The planned release date is April/May 2021.


Maltego One
Master Class (English) Online Video Course

Maltego One – Master Class (English) Online Video Course

Our Maltego training course is now also available in a smart video format. This is a video stream that includes over 60 HD video lessons and tutorials. As a user, you have access to the Maltego training course for three months, allowing you to adapt the lessons to your individual workflows.

Your advantage: Our online introduction and further training on Maltego contains all the lessons of the classic 2-day seminar, including additional exercises and bonus material. This is the opportunity to go from being a Maltego Beginner to becoming a Maltego Pro!

Maltego One
Master Class (DEUTSCH) Online Video Kurs

Unser Maltego-Schulungskurs ist jetzt auch als Videoformat verfügbar. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Videostream mit über 60 HD-Videolektionen und Tutorials. Als Nutzer haben Sie 12 Monate lang Zugriff auf den Maltego-Schulungskurs, so dass Sie die Lektionen an Ihre individuellen Arbeitsabläufe anpassen können.

Ihr Vorteil: Unsere Online-Einführung und -Weiterbildung zu Maltego enthält alle Lektionen des klassischen 2-Tages-Seminars, inklusive zusätzlicher Übungen und Bonusmaterial. Das ist die Chance, vom Maltego-Einsteiger zum Maltego-Profi zu werden!

Vortimo training

This course is all about the brand-new OSINT software Vortimo. We give you an overview of its basic features and advantages. You also learn what has to be considered when using Vortimo.

Vortimo gatheres data from websites you have already visited and manages its evaluation. All results are saved on your local hard drive. The software augments, recalls, scrapes, enriches and finds information. It also reports data that is considered relevant for your research. Think of it as a browser 2.0 that allows you to get a new perspective on data you have seen before – and details that have probably been missed.

OSINT Basic Training

Our OSINT basic training consists of multiple parts and provides you with basic knowledge of professional internet research. The main focus will not directly be on OSINT investigations but rather on good preparation – because that is the basis of succesful investigations and research.

The course contains the structuring of your folders and how to choose the right browser. Your setup, virtual computers, VPN and efficient research techniques also play a significant role. At corma, you get a targeted training on a practical basis – including up-to-date OSINT strategies and personal support.

Osint basistraining

Unser OSINT-Basistraining ist ein mehrteiliger Kurs, in dem Sie die Grundlagen der professionellen Internetrecherche erlernen. Im Fokus stehen nicht speziell OSINT-Ermittlungen, sondern vielmehr eine gute Vorbereitung – denn das ist die Basis für erfolgreiche Recherchearbeit.

Ein zielgerichtetes und praxisnahes Training mit aktuellen OSINT-Strategien und persönlichem Support: Zu den Kursinhalten gehören die Strukturierung Ihrer Ordner sowie die Wahl des richtigen Browsers. Das Setup, virtuelle Rechner, VPN und effizientes Recherchieren spielen ebenfalls eine zentrale Rolle.



Maltego One – Master Class (English) Online Video Course


Maltego One – Master Class (Deutsch) – Online-Videokurs